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Waiheke Island beach - Waiheke Filters, water purification company supplying UV systems, water filtration, pumps & water testing.
Waiheke Filters Logo - suppliers of Bio-Zyme, water filters, UV systems and more.

Protecting you & your loved ones

Water purification company on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. Specialists in UV systems, water filtration, pumps and water testing.  

Bio-Zyme cleaning products New Zealand - supplied by Waiheke Filters NZ
Bio-Zyme cleaning products - Waiheke, Coromandel & Great Barrier Island

We are distributor of Bio-Zyme cleaning products to Waiheke Island - the Green Clean Product Solution

New Zealand made Bio-Zyme products are an organic enzyme based cleaner/sanitiser/deodoriser. Laboratory tested against Corona Virus, Noro Virus and bacteria.

BioGro certified - MPI approved  & Environmental Choice accredited 

rapidly biodegradable - septic preferable - sustainable and gentle on the user !

Our Product Range

Water Filtration & UV Systems
Filter Cartridges
& UV Spare Parts
Filter cartridges & UV spare parts supplied by Waiheke Filters New Zealand
Water Pumps
& Accessories
Water Testing
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Our Suppliers

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