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Bio-Zyme cleaning products New Zealand
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Green Clean Product Solution

New Zealand made Bio-Zyme products are an organic enzyme based cleaner/sanitiser/deodoriser. Laboratory tested against Corona Virus, Noro Virus and bacteria.

BioGro certified - MPI approved  & Environmental Choice accredited.

Rapidly biodegradable - septic preferable - sustainable and gentle on the user !



Bio-Zyme is a naturally fermented product containing enzymes produced from naturally sourced plant based materials. Bio-Zyme acts as a catalyst to stimulate existing bacterial action in speeding up the breakdown (degradation) of organic matter, which simultaneously eliminates the odours.

Bio-Zyme is made from natural plant based products and biodegradable surfactants therefore is low in toxicity with a low impact on the environment. It is safe for the user and the substrates it is used on.

All Bio-Zyme products are septic tank preferable and endorsed by NZ’s leading Waste Water Treatment Manufacturers and endorsed by NZ City Councils.

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