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A Stylish Tap saving on Water & Energy

Now is the time to think about your home improvements for summer!

A tap can be a feature in your kitchen, be user friendly and can save you water and energy when you choose the right option.

Dripping water taps can cause damage to your benchtops and cupboards, causes the pump to start and stop more often than necessary using up costly resources.

and ......taps tend to finally give up on the weekend when you have the house full of visitors.

With outdated two-handled taps it takes time for the water to reach the right temperature and the right volume, a lot of it flows unused down the drain. Aside from the fact that modern single lever taps add considerably more convenience to your home, the required water volume and temperature can be set much more quickly on these than on two-handle taps. Save time and enjoy added convenience with single lever taps. And pretty soon, you’ll save more money too.

About the above product:

All hansgrohe taps are fitted with EcoSmart technology as standard. Which means that they consume up to 60% less water than conventional taps. A precision elastomer reacts automatically to changes in the water pressure and changes its shape, ensuring that the water flow is constantly limited to only around 5 litres per minute. Two settings on the eco-handle allow for full or a reduced flow rate. Taps can therefore help you save a lot of water (and sewage fees), without you having to do anything. Also, for every litre that does not need to be heated, there are no energy costs.


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