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BIO-Zyme is better for the planet.......

In times of increased demand on cleaning & sanitising it is good to know that one cleaner can do it all without any negative impact on the environment. Lab tests have shown that Bio-Zyme can kill 99.9% of bacteria and virus - and yes the Corona Virus as well !


Bio-Zyme can be used in many domestic and commercial applications from cleaning your bathroom, floors, car, kitchen, carpets to areas of common use like waiting rooms, schools & playcentres, retail outlets and office spaces. It has MPI approval for food processing plants and use in the meat & dairy industry - ensuring you are on the safe side when bringing it into your home environment.

Bio-Zyme is the perfect product for our fragile Island environment, with all of us living close to the sea and being responsible for managing our waste water systems. Ordinary cleaners, bleach and sanitizers are destroying the good bacteria in our septic systems causing malfunction and high maintenance costs. With Bio-Zyme you can clean safely with great results, maintain clean pipework and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in your septic system. An all round positive outcome.


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