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BIO-ZYME - a real winner with Native Bird Rescue Waiheke

We need an extremely high performance cleaner for the toughest of jobs that is safe for birds, animals, humans and our environment. Biozyme is the perfect product and the only one we’ve found that meets all of our criteria. It is now used by most of the Wildlife Rehabilitators around NZ.

Bio-Zyme is simply the best cleaner I've ever used and the flexibility to mix different concentrations is an absolute winner at Native Bird Rescue. I highly recommend it to everyone as a product which they can use to clean everything for the entire house, indoors and out, it is not only biodegradable and septic safe but it is also environmentally friendly.

I came across this product after lots of research looking for environmentally and bird friendly veterinary and zoo cleaning products. We especially need to know that we keep our bird husbandry to the highest of standards while keeping a toxic free and safe environment for our native birds. We admit all native birds so we clean everything from kereru and tui poop to penguins, shags and raptor poop. Cleaning these poops are incredibly difficult and it had been a major elbow grease job for our team but with Biozyme mixed to a heavy duty formular we now have an easier life and know that this is safe for our little blue penguins and other seabirds to swim in and drink from the cleaned pools.

From Karen Saunders - Wildlife Rehabilitator

General Manager Native Bird Rescue Waiheke Island


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