BIG F PRO 256 Plug & Play UV System

BIG F PRO 256 Plug & Play UV System

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Big F Pro Series UV

The Big F Pro series UV kits are all Italian Made Plug and Play UV units.
The included Italian pre-filters reduce sediment to prevent it from sheltering bugs from the UV light. The Italian UV chamber eliminates harmful pathogens, including bacteria, protozoa (parasites) and some viruses and features an IP54 rated controller.

The units come pre-plumbed, with a single inlet/outlet, mounted on a single bracket under a lockable cover which can protect the unit from weather.


  • Eco-Friendly, Chemical Free Disinfection
  • Italian Made
  • IP54 Rated Control Panel
  • Digital Monitor Display
  • Lamp Life Counter
  • Acoustic Alarm for Lamp Replacement
  • Lockable, Weather Resistant Cover
  • High Max Pressure Rating of 8.3bar
  • Reversible Mounting, choose your flow direction


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